Day Camp Director

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Job Title:
Day Camp Director
Northpark YMCA
Days & Hours:
Monday-Friday. Shifts will vary between the hours of 7:00a-6:00p (35-40 hours per week).
Until filled
Education & Experience

Under the direction of the Program Director, the Day Camp Director is responsible for coordinating, planning, developing and the implementation of those programs required to enhance the development of one Day Camp site with more than 100 children. Monitoring the day to day operations of the Day Camp program(s) for maximum efficiency in accordance TDH, ACA and YMCA policies and procedures.

• Must meet TDH requirements for personnel
• Must have TB test prior to camp
• Must have current CPR/First aid prior to camp
• Must receive the YMCA Child Abuse training prior to camp
• Must attend the YMCA New Hire Orientation prior to camp
• Must receive the Blood Bourne Pathogens training prior to camp
• Must have knowledge and understanding of Developmentally Appropriate Practices
• Must receive 30 hours of training related to Day Camp prior to camp
• Must receive the YUSA Day Camp Director’s certification prior to camp
• Must have/ obtain YUSA working with 5-12 years

• Must be 21 years of age or older, per TDH/ACA requirements
• High school graduate or equivalent
• A minimum of two years of supervisory experience in a Day Camp setting

Required Skills

• Must have the ability to communicate effectively with children, parents and YMCA staff.
• Display tact, patience, sensitivity, and be able to supervise and work harmoniously with staff.
• Must be able to build relationships through community involvement.
• Must be able to control a group of children through positive interaction and direction.
• Presents self as a good role model.
• Must demonstrate the ability to assist in the recruitment of qualified staff and volunteers, by obtaining a clear understanding of policy pertaining to recruiting and screening.

• Daily on site observations, weekly site supervisor and/or staff meeting and training sessions for each program area.
• Must be able to delegate appropriate responsibilities involved in day to day operations.
• Conduct required performance reviews to evaluate staff and program performance.
• Awareness and execution of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth Bathroom Supervision policies.
• Ability to effectively and positively direct, monitor, counsel and evaluate group leaders and site coordinators.

• Responsible for planning, organizing and conducting quality enriched programming for Day Camp children.
• Maintains all records for the site in regards to TDH, ACA and YMCA.
• Responsible for fee collections and attendance records.
• Accountable for cost and control of site supplies and equipment.
• Responsible for administering program and staff evaluations.
• Ability to recruit volunteers as needed.

• Decisions should be made based on YMCA policies and procedures.
• Requires tolerant, patient and steady person.
• Requires working knowledge of TDH and ACA policies and practices.
• Requires the ability to make sounds judgments for the betterment and quality of the program as it relates to Day Camp in regards to one child or a group of children.
• Requires the ability to problem solve and direct peer mediation with children.
• Must have ability to professionally deal with parents and community questions or concerns.
• Requires the ability to relate effectively to diverse groups to people from all social and economic segments of the community.
• Constant attention and alertness of children’s needs.
• Ability to handle emergency situations.
• Ability to handle day to day operations with a professional demeanor.
• Ability to recognize suspected Child Abuse and report accordingly.

• Requires the ability to maintain confidentiality regarding YMCA children, parent, staff and volunteer information.
• Has access to information such as participant’s records, family history and income, as well as reports given to state and local agencies.
• Requires the ability to handle suspected child abuse reports confidentially and in a timely manner.

• Maintain the proper use of equipment and supplies to minimize waste and unnecessary replacement.
• Effectively collect fee payment from parents and communicate any issues with business office and/or Program Director.
• Actively participates in the YMCA Annual Campaign through duties assigned by supervisor.

• Requires the ability to lift children and equipment.
• Requires the ability to stand for long periods of time.
• Requires bending, stooping and sitting on the floor with children.
• Cleaning up after spills and/or accidents.
• Light cleaning of tables and areas after snacks and activities.
• Remove trash from program areas when full or causing a foul odor.
• Ability to lead children in physical activities such as age-appropriate sports, games and exercise activities.
• Ability to work in an outdoor environment in temperatures above 95 degrees.


• Supervise group leaders and volunteers
• Plan and lead groups of children in daily activities
• Plan and participants in special events.
• Communicate effectively, with parents on the status of children as a YMCA representative.
• Responsible for group’s safety and first aid. Never leave children alone.
• Know the Day Camp program schedule, routine and rules.
• Lead all staff meetings and trainings
• Use a positive disciplinary approach. Never use physical force.
• Receipt all payments and turn in promptly.
• Distribution of daily snacks.
• Implement the YMCA mission through the program planning activities.
• Responsible for the cleanliness and up keep of facility, property, supplies and equipment.
• Responsible for reporting any suspected child abuse and/or disclosures.
• Practice daily Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility as a role model for the children.


Erica Terneus

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Please submit letters of interest and resumes via email to Interviews will be arranged by phone to selected candidates.

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