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Sports & Rec Staff
Northpark YMCA
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Weeknights & Saturdays
Until Filled
Education & Experience

Must be at least 15 Years of Age. Must have reliable transportation to fields and gyms. Sports background or knowledge preferred.

Required Skills

Officiating is an area of expertise which requires a knowledge of the game and strategy of sports in
order to control the behavioral responses of players, coaches and spectators. The official’s
responsibility is to enforce the rules impartially and control the contest so that the players are afforded a
positive game experience. The officials display self-confidence and a professional attitude/dress while officiating.


Official Etiquette:
1) Arrive 30 minutes prior to game time to check the equipment and playing field/court.
2) Be neat and wear your official outfit and have a whistle.
3) Meet with other officials before the start of the game to clarify responsibilities.
4) Do not comment on another official's decisions unless he/she requests your assistance.
5) Tactfully discuss questionable calls when it is convenient to consult with the other official.
6) If you are questioned about the other officials call, never publicly disagree. Simply state that it was the other officials call.
7) Be consistent - a team can adjust to a consistent official. This will make your job easier.
8) Appear confident in your decisions: a team will notice indecisiveness and begin to question all decisions.
9) Remember that the contest is under your control from start to finish, including time outs, half time, etc.
10) Control your temper - a calm official gains respect.

Pre Game Responsibilities:
1) Introduce yourself to the other official(s) and discuss duties and interpretations of rules.
2) See that the timing devices are in working order.
3) Check the game ball to see if it is properly inflated and is appropriate for the age division.
4) Introduce yourself to the coaches and players before the game.
5) Before the start of the game, make sure the other official is ready.

During the Game:
1) Take time to explain the calls instead of just asserting them. An official can be a teacher as well as a judge.
2) Enforce the rules without partiality.
3) Be confident in your decision-making process.
4) Be calm when questioned about your decisions.
5) Remember you and your fellow official(s) are a team.

Post Game Responsibilities:
1) Have the two opposing teams line up and shake hands at the end of the game.
2) Secure the game ball.
3) Make sure all game reports are filled out and returned in to the appropriate place.


Daniel Clemons

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