6 Week Transformation Trainer

Health & Wellness


Have you struggled to see the transformation you’ve been looking for?  Have you tried every diet and exercise routine in the book with no luck?  Are you willing to follow a 6 week transformation plan as prescribed?  Then we’re looking for you.

We’re conducting a 6 week program geared toward body transformation through the building of lean muscle mass, cardiovascular exercise, and sustainable nutrition.  This is not a fad diet or a gimmick program.  This program’s success is measured off of lifestyle changes and permanent habits.

If you are selected to go through this program, you’ll go through our six week program, which will consist of 5 days of weight training (geared toward lean muscle mass) and 7 days of cardio per week.  You’ll also meet with a registered dietitian to design a meal plan that is just right for you.  Following the program, you’ll also receive a free six month membership.

Now, in order to be eligible, you must agree to follow our membership guidelines, take before and after pictures, weigh in each Monday to monitor progress, follow our exercise and nutrition programs as prescribed, and be videoed and photographed for the purpose of the promotion of this program so that others can see the same success you’ll see.  You must also be 18 years of age or older.

If you feel like you’re the right person for the 6 Week Transformation Trainer, then by June 9,

Good luck, and we look forward to having you in our 6 Week Transformation Trainer program!