Westside YMCA

swim-girls-diveIn YMCA aquatic programs, children learn to be safe around water and they feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning something new. Children can develop lifelong skills that can help them stay healthy.

As in all YMCA programs, the goal for the YMCA aquatic program is to develop the whole person, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Teaching methods are designed to help each participant develop his/her fullest potential, to encourage awareness of safety, and to master skills to the best of their ability.  YMCA aquatic programs, offered at the Westside YMCA, are not only beneficial in developing a healthy lifestyle, but are also an excellent place for youths and adults alike to make new friends, and most importantly, to have fun!


Adult Aquatic Programs

(Ages 13 years and over)  Adult swim lessons are for those individuals who wish to learn to swim or those who want to improve their technique.  Classes have a low student-to-instructor ratio, which allows for personal instruction in each class.  Skills emphasized include: basic water acclimation, floating, treading, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, diving, and much more.


Lifeguard Certification

The purpose of the YMCA lifeguard program is to present the knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of a lifeguard.  The program is based on sound decision-making, proper use of rescue equipment, knowledge of water safety, and proficiency in rescue skills.

For the training received to be of the most value, lifeguards need facility-specific training and orientation.  For the equipment-based lifeguard-training program, each lifeguard must have a rescue tube/buoy whenever on duty.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) (infant, child, adult), First Aid, AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and oxygen administration certifications must be completed prior to the certifications.  The CPR training must include two-rescuer CPR, modified jaw thrust, and use of pocket and bag-valve mask resuscitator.

The minimum age for course participation is 16

Those under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate in the course.

Passing the following swim test is essential to receive certification:  (a) performing a long, shallow, front dive, then swimming 500 yards, including 100 yards each of sidestroke, front crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke kick with one arm forward, and inverted breaststroke kick with arm on the stomach; (b) treading water using legs only for at least 2 minutes; (c) executing surface dives both head first and feet first in 8 to10 feet of water, and swimming underwater for 15 feet.



Swiminar is a required 30-hour training course held over 5 days for anyone wishing to become a YMCA lifeguard. Register for one of 7 sessions – you must be present each day.

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