This is Our Y

2016 Annual Impact Report


YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

$7.2 million
the value of the Y's charitable assistance, volunteer time spent and subsidized and free programs in 2016

Community Benefit

The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth makes a difference in our community. We invest in our community's health & well-being, we invest in the future of our kids, and we invest in our neighborhoods by working to strengthen our communities. In 2016, the total value of our Y's free and assisted services was $7.2 million for our 3-county service area.

Dear Friends,

In this 50th year of our Chi Rho Award, we celebrate all of the volunteers who help make our Y what it is. Our Chi Rho Award is the highest honor bestowed on any Y volunteer. It honors the long-time service of volunteers who reflect the mission and purpose of our Y. These select volunteers have given years of service to our Y and can be described as charitable, dedicated, selfless, committed, dependable and supportive leaders. In addition, we thank and celebrate all of the volunteers who make our YMCA a continuing driving force in our community.

Volunteers are truly the roots of our YMCA in the community. They coach sports teams, advise us as board members, raise funds that allow us to open our programs to all and make dozens of special events happen. They work with fellow cancer patients and survivors; they read to young children; they teach youth the importance of sportsmanship on the ball fields.

It's refreshing to hear our volunteers talk about their experience. They say volunteering helps them give back. It connects them to their community and makes them feel happy. In fact, here is what they say in their own words:

  • “I get as much encouragement volunteering as the participants, or more!”
  • “It lets me put my daily problems and stress aside and help others.”
  • “It makes me feel good knowing I am giving back to the YMCA that helped me when I was in financial need.”
  • “Volunteering makes me feel like I'm making a difference.”

It's humbling to know that our volunteers, the very people who help our Y make an impact in our community every day, feel that way. In 2016, 2,928 volunteers served our YMCA. That's something we really can't value. However, with an average of 20 hours annually, that's at least another $1.3 million of value that our volunteers are adding to our community.

That additional $1.3 million in value is desperately needed as we continue to address needs in our growing community. In 2016, we opened a new facility for the Hood County YMCA and broke ground for a new facility in southeast Fort Worth, while continuing to serve 113,000 individuals throughout our six-county area. None of that would have been possible without the tireless efforts of many, many volunteers.

We dream big at the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth. We are in Texas, after all.

We have a growing community that we want to continue to serve and address its changing needs. Big dreams are accomplished through building relationships, and by believing in a mission committed to helping others. It is dedicated volunteers who help us achieve those big dreams For that and so much more, we thank you.

Tony Shuman President/CEO
Buddy Puente Chairman, Board of Directors
Every day at the YMCA is an opportunity to make an impact in someone's life. OUR 2016 IMPACT by the numbers
113,218 People were served through membership and programs in our YMCAs


Growing & Learning

17,316 Youth built athletic, social & interpersonal skills through team sports
5,278 Children & adults learned life-saving skills & water safety information in swim lessons
591 Overnight campers explored nature, tried new activities and made lasting memories
351 Preschool children were nurtured and taught in our 3 early childhood centers
1,298 Teens were involved in a variety of leadership developing programs including YMCA Youth & Government
2,682 Children stayed active and gained homework help in our Afterschool programs
2,981 Youth enjoyed fun activities and made new friends in our summer day camp programs
7,547 Students learned about nature in YMCA Camp Carter's Outdoor Education Program


Improving Community Health

52,509 Adults engaged in a variety of ways, including membership and programs
15,916 Seniors enjoying healthy activities
98 Individuals were helped through Y Diabetes Prevention Program and LIVESTRONG at the Y


Strengthening Our Community

50th Anniversary

Chi Rho Award Honorees

Pat and Bob Gersten

Pat and Bob Gersten have been dedicated volunteers with the Northwest YMCA for over 13 years. They are a husband and wife team that is a constant at their home-away-from home on Boat Club Road. For over three decades, YMCAs across Texas have enjoyed the loyalty and support of the Gerstens, including Lubbock, Midland, San Angelo and Coppell.

They serve on the Board of Managers at the Northwest Y and are active members. They always seem to be there when help is needed, including stepping up to lend a hand at special events like the Fall Festival, golf tournament or the annual Health and Safety Fair. Additionally, committee service can be added to their resume including the Active Older Adults, Youth Development and Healthy Living committees at the branch. Pat stays busy teaching line-dancing to seniors while Bob gets his hands dirty prepping the branch, indoors and out, for the numerous kids and families who swarm the branch during summer day camp.

They are passionate about the Y and youth reaching their potential. As an example, they not only support the Y's Youth and Government program, but specifically provided funds to purchase professional wear for students who did not not have the appropriate clothing to participate in District and State Conference activities.

Pat combines her passion for the Y with her volunteer service in the community. As an active member of the Northwest Y's Sew n Sews group, they make blankets each year for children at Cook Children's Hospital, where she also serves as a volunteer. She raises the spirits of seniors by taking one of their seven dogs to a Weatherford nursing home every Sunday for visitation. Previously, Pat was a volunteer firefighter for seven years in Parker County.

Bob is currently a volunteer firefighter in Parker County, dedicated to service for over 13 years. Previously, Bob flew search and rescue flights for the Civil Air Patrol. Bob and Pat are both retired from IBM where they worked in marketing and sales

For over 35 years, the Gerstens have been faithful supporters of the Y with their time, talent and treasures. Through these experiences and more, Pat and Bob exemplify the dedication and commitment of a Chi Rho honoree. The YMCA is proud to recognize them for their commitment and appreciates them for past, present and future support. Their roots go deep at with the Y!

We are

battling to save lives

Youth Development

Drowning is 2nd leading cause of death for kids. In 2016, 11 youth under age 18 drowned in our 3-county service area.

The Y is taking our Safety Around Water program to apartment pools to teach kids there about water safety. In 2016, we taught free water safety lessons at 20 apartment complexes in our area. In all, our Y taught 5,278 children and adults life-saving swim lessons in 2016.

We are

preventing disease & improving health

Healthy Living

8 out of 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease. Early detection, behavior change & treatment can often prevent chronic disease.

The Y is committed to improving our community's health by collaborating to deliver programs in our area. The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, LIVESTRONG at the Y and EXERT, a collaboration focused on the effects of exercise on Alzheimer's disease prevention, are just a few ways our Y is leading the effort toward improving the well-being of everyone in our community.

We are

Tackling the big issues


Reading literacy is a predictor of later success. Nationally, only 1/3 of children are reading on grade level at 4th grade.

The Y is like Summer Learning Loss Prevention held at David K. Sellars Elementary in 2016. Sixteen students received instruction and took part in fun field trips in this 6-week, grant-funded program. Second graders showed a 60% increase in reading skills based on STAR literacy assessments.

The Y is expanding to meet the needs of our growing community. In 2016, we opened a new facility for the Hood County YMCA in collaboration with the county. The new facility is now home to our 2nd largest membership base and is continuing to grow. At the end of 2016, we broke ground for the new McDonald Southeast YMCA in the Renaissance Heights area of Fort Worth.


building a community


2016 Sources of Income

  • Membership Dues
  • Program Fees
  • Contributions & Grants
  • Government Funds
  • Other


2016 Expenditures

  • Health & Wellness
  • After School & Day Camp
  • Youth Sports, Aquatics, Families & Teens
  • All Day Child Care
  • Resident Camping


for the years ending December 31 - dollars in thousands

PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE 2016 (unaudited) 2015
Government, United Way and Other $1,089,445 $1,022,027
Contributions and Grants $2,307,769 $2,135,759
Membership Dues* $11,557,269 $11,356,308
Program Service Fees ** $9,627,228 $9,754,081
TOTAL PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE $   24,581,711 $   24,268,175
OPERATING EXPENSES 2016 (unaudited) 2015
Personnel Costs $15,631,132 $14,651,555
Maintenance & Utilites 2,894,173 2,849,158
Supplies & Equipment 3,354,021 3,187,664
Other Expenses 2,612,220 3,310,263
Transfer to Reserves 90,165 269,535
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES $24,581,711 $24,268,175
ASSETS 2016 (unaudited) 2015
Cash & Investments $3,317,996 $4,141,314
Accounts Receivable 939,304 1,038,428
Capital Restricted Cash & A/R 6,138,302 3,901,364
Property & Equipment 17,019,179 16,129,827
Total Assets $27,414,781 $25,210,933
Liabilities & Fund Balance 2016 (unaudited) 2015
Short Term Liabilities and Payables $1,277,64 $1,439,009
Long Term Liabilities 1,502,751 2,453,878
Total Liabilities $2,780,397 $3,892,887
Total Fund Balance $24,634,384 $21,318,046
Total Liabilities & Fund Balance $27,414,781 $25,210,933

* Net of direct Financial Assistance of $1.1M and $1.2M, respectively
**Net of direct Financial Assistance of $1M for both years

Being a volunteer in an organization helps us to remember to give back, and to keep in mind all of our own blessings.

Henry Meadows Volunteer of the Year

helping build our community
  • Albert Alvarez Airport Area YMCA
  • Lakshmi Krishnamurthy Benbrook Community Center YMCA &
    Westside YMCA
  • Micah Boulter YMCA Camp Carter
  • Melissa Rankin Amon G. Carter, Jr. Downtown YMCA
  • Sevanne Steiner Eastside YMCA
  • Sandra Lee McDonald Southeast YMCA
  • Edward Sandelin Hood County YMCA
  • Kenny Howell Joshua Community YMCA
  • Melissa Kistler Northpark YMCA
  • Angie Haar Northwest YMCA
  • Sarah Lyons Ryan Family YMCA
  • James Redwine E.R. Van Zandt Southwest YMCA
  • Terri Johnson YMCA Wellness Center

2016 Association Board of Directors


  • Buddy Puente CHAIR
  • Chris Lokey VICE CHAIR
  • Cindy Milrany SECRETARY
  • Charlie Campbell TREASURER


  • Albert Alvarez Airport Area YMCA
  • Susan Cawood Benbrook Community Center YMCA & Westside YMCA
  • Craig Gossard YMCA Camp Carter
  • Ryan Haggerty Amon G. Carter, Jr. Downtown YMCA
  • Sevanne Steiner Eastside YMCA
  • Todd Garner Hood County YMCA
  • DeeAnn Strother Joshua Community Center YMCA
  • Jimmy Killingsworth McDonald Southeast YMCA
  • Mario Garza Northpark YMCA
  • Bruce Mallory Northwest YMCA
  • James King Ryan Family YMCA & E. R. Van Zandt Southwest YMCA


  • Lillie Biggins
  • Steve Boma
  • Sherry Breed
  • Tom Brockenbush
  • Ellen Buck
  • David Campbell
  • Chris Choate
  • Danny Cox
  • John Cychol
  • Brent Davis
  • Vernon Evans
  • Alan Fonner
  • Zach Fullerton
  • Lynda Gearheart
  • Lee Howell
  • Gary Hudson
  • Dewey Isom
  • YaLonda Lockett
  • Mark McClendon
  • Sandi McDermott
  • Robert Molloy
  • R.J. Pack
  • David Rascoe
  • Lisa Rettew
  • Pollard Rogers
  • Justin Rutledge
  • Eric Schrader
  • Terry Schultz
  • Elliott Stephenson
  • Peter Tunnard
  • Scott Turner
  • David Wilcox
  • Julie Wilson
  • Mike Wilson