2017 Annual Report

YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

A Letter From Our Leaders

Chris Lokey & Tony Shuman

There are many things to celebrate for 2017. We successfully concluded our Connecting Communities Campaign, raising $16.8 million on our goal of $15.4 million. By investing in current and new facilities, we will better serve our community.

As a result, field lighting was added to the YMCA Sports Complex expanding the usable time of the fields. Youth Sports is a key way for families to stay active and engaged together.

Renovations at YMCA Camp Carter enhance the experiences year round. The renovated dining hall and a new deck added last year provide better gathering spaces, both indoor and out. AND, we are currently under construction for our newest Y, located in southeast Fort Worth.

This new Y is part of a larger collaboration toward community revitalization and includes Cook Children’s, ACH Child and Family Services, Texas Wesleyan, Uplift Education, and Columbia Residential. In partnership with Purpose Built Community, the Y will be promoting holistic community revitalization by supporting community wellness, youth-focused programs including high-quality pre-school and teen enrichment at the new facility.

As we look toward the future, striving to serve more – we will:

  • Continue to enhance and innovate programs and services.
  • Continue to focus on water safety by partnering with Cook Children’s to provide swim lessons to Mitchell Blvd and Uplift students as part of classroom curriculum.
  • Continue to support community wellness through new programs like Peddling for Parkinson’s, and A Matter Balance --supporting fall prevention for seniors. And by continuing programs like Diabetes Prevention, nutrition classes, community gardens, and more.
  • Continue to look for partnership opportunities with like-minded organizations to better served the growing and changing needs of our community.

We want to be part of the solution for families. There will be something for every member of the family. Helping to stop the cycle of poverty and building a stronger community!

Many of volunteer and donors have committed countless hours and financial resources to support the Y. We count you as part of our family! Thank you! It is because of your passion to build a stronger community, one family at a time, that the Y can accomplish our mission of serving all.

Chris Lokey, Chairman of the Board

Tony Shuman, President/CEO

Our Impact

By the Numbers

Community Benefit


A leading nonprofit partner throughout the country, the Y has the proven track record to move communities forward, just as we do here in greater Fort Worth.

As a charity, we work every day to address community needs and ensure that all are welcome and that no one is turned away for an inability to pay.

The Y provided over $6.1 million in total community benefit in 2017 including:

  • $2.4 million in contributions raised to provide free programs and assistance to our community
  • 11,145 people received program or membership financial assistance totaling $965,000
  • $1.7 million invested to subsidize community based youth programs

During 2017, 2,138 volunteers dedicated over 42,000 hours of time to serve our community through Y activities.

Youth Development

Nurturing the potential of every child and teen

Outdoor Education

Most students have better comprehension of academic concepts when they are able to touch, feel and do. They want to feel the leaves, do the experiments, touch the insects. Active, kinesthetic learning is not only more memorable but has also been proven to improve concentration and behavior.

Established over 35 years ago, the Outdoor Education program at YMCA Camp Carter is devoted to helping teachers educate students about the interdependence between people and the environment. Students have the opportunity to learn while exploring trails, hiking, canoeing, fishing and orienteering.

This program operates during the school year and is primarily focused on fourth, fifth and sixth grade students and aligns with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. Students learn responsibility and develop an appreciation of diversity in nature and within each other.

Last year, over 9,100 students participated in outdoor experiences – including every Fort Worth ISD 5th grader.

Youth & Government

Teens are our leaders of tomorrow. Learning their responsibilities as a citizen and the role policy plays in that is part of the transition to adulthood. In the Y’s Youth and Government program, teens from across the state meet in their local clubs to discuss and debate issues that affect citizens of their state and propose possible legislation to make state government more efficient.

Locally, 723 high school and junior high students learned critical thinking and communication skills as a foundation for being both knowledgeable and active in the future of our democracy.

The program culminates with the teens serving as delegates at a state conference and debating bills on the floor of the legislature. From this experience, young people learn about the democratic system and are trained in parliamentary procedure, legislative committee process, debate, press relations and lobbying techniques. Delegates learn by doing and have the opportunity to try their hand at leadership in an open and receptive learning environment.

Healthy Living

Improving the community’s health and well-being

Supporting Seniors

Studies show that seniors who stay socially active and engaged can experience better cognitive function, improved physical and emotional health, boosted immune system and increased longevity.

At the Y, over 16,000 seniors worked on increasing their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance all while socializing and making new friends. Tai Chi, Zumba Gold, Gentle Yoga, Line Dancing, Young at Heart and water exercise are just a few of the opportunities designed to support seniors health. Additionally, special trips, educational seminars and potluck meals are just a few of the popular social outlets.

Introduced in 2017, in partnership with Tarrant County Public Health, the A Matter of Balance program helps seniors decrease the risk of experiencing a devastating fall by working on increasing strength, flexibility and balance. This program is delivered in a community setting so seniors have the opportunity to engage with friends.

Nutrition Programs

Food choices dramatically affect a person’s health. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Combined with physical activity, diet can help to obtain and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cancer) and improve overall mental health.

The Y encourages healthy lifestyles by offering an experienced nutrition professional to provide one-on-one nutrition counseling, our new Nutrition On-The-Go program, support to community gardens, free cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours and more.

Social Responsibility

Giving back and providing support to our neighbors

Nutrition Programs

More than 300,000 of Tarrant County’s two million residents aren’t always sure where their next meal is coming from; 25% are children. Commonly referred to as “food insecurity”, it can have negative effects on the health and development of young children, including developmental risks, behavior problems, low academic performance and more.

The Y fills the gaps in access to free and reduced meals during the summer and afterschool hours by providing healthy snacks and meals to kids who live with food insecurity. During the summer months, the Y typically serves an average of 21,500 meals and snacks. Since 2015, the YMCA has served over 466,000 meals and snacks year-round to combat food insecurity and support the healthy development of children in our community.

Drowning Prevention

Texas leads the nation in number of pool drownings and Tarrant County ranks among the top in the state for pediatric drowning. Pool drowning is 100% preventable and we must work together to eliminate these tragedies.

Safety Around Water was developed in the summer of 2015 as the Y’s response to an unprecedented number of drownings and has served over 821 people to date. In its third year, this community outreach program is designed to reduce the risk of drowning.

Sending a team of YMCA-trained lifeguards and swim instructors to apartment complexes to teach children and adults free water safety lessons eliminates the barriers of transportation and cost, while providing lifesaving skills to families that need it the most

Public Support & Revenue

Financial Overview

  • Membership%47
  • Program Fees%39
  • Contributions & United Way%10
  • Government & Other%4
PUBLIC SUPPORT & REVENUE 2017 (unaudited) 2016
Membership $11,373,153 $11,557,349
Program Fees 9,238,208 9,627,228
Contributions 2,354,866 2,306,561
United Way 116,093 106,506
Government & Other 917,944 889,027
TOTAL $24,000,264 $24,486,671

Operating Expenses

Financial Overview

  • Health & Wellness%53
  • After School & Day Camp%17
  • Youth Sports, Aquatics, Families & Teens%18
  • All Day Child Care%6
  • Resident Camping%6
Expenses 2017 (unaudited) 2016
Personnel Costs $15,549,319 $15,631,132
Supplies & Equipment 3,156,025 3,180
Maintenance & Utilities 2,916,236 2,894,173
Other Expenses 2,405,504 2,536,313
Transfer to(from) Reserves (2,6820) 74,522
TOTAL $24,000,264 $24,486,671


Financial Overview

Assets 2017 (unaudited) 2016
Cash & Investments $2,411,017 $4,280,422
Accounts Receivable 1,139,892 970,240
Capital Restricted Cash & A/R 10,574,495 5,130,367
Property & Equipment 15,127,136 17,214,041
Total Assets $29,252,540 $27,595,070
Liabilities & Fund Balance 2017 (unaudited) 2016
Short Term Liabilities $4,008,857 $2,273,267
Long Term Liabilities - 812,270
Total Liabilities 4,008,857 3,085,537
Total Fund Balance 25,243,683 24,509,533
Total Liabilities & Fund Balance $29,252,540 $27,595,070


of the Year

These individuals have been recognized by volunteers and staff for their outstanding commitment to the Y during 2017. Whether as a branch board member, a volunteer fundraiser for annual campaign or a youth sports coach, each has given tremendous time and passion to supporting the Y. Their efforts have moved the mission of the Y forward and encouraged youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Chi Rho Honoree

Art Anderson

Arthur Anderson has been a dedicated YMCA volunteer for over 33 years with the McDonald Southeast YMCA. Through the years, Art has served in numerous leadership roles including Annual Campaign co-chair, Minority Achievers Committee, Youth Development Committee, and chair of the Board of Managers from 1995-2000.

Art believes in the Y mission and has a strong passion for our children to advance in foundational skills like reading. He often volunteers to read to Y youth during summer and after school programs.

Through the years, Art’s passion for youth was fulfilled by providing leadership to a former Y program known as Minority Achievers. The program focused on college and career readiness and paired youth with professionals in the community. Art served as a mentor for 10 years.

Art has generously supported the YMCA Annual Campaign, the current Connecting Communities Capital Campaign and has willingly taken leadership roles to lead the board and community to support the Y. Art recently joined the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth Endowment, Inc. As an Endowment Board member, he will provide guidance for the overall health and growth of the Endowment Fund to ensure the mission of the YMCA is fulfilled for future generations.

He is an active community member, a faithful member and deacon at Rebirth Church, and helped to organize the Tarrant County Harambee Festival for several years.

Through these experiences and more, Art exemplifies the dedication and commitment of a Chi Rho Award recipient. The YMCA congratulates Art and thanks him for past and future support.

Chi Rho Award Recipients

Helping the Y Build a Better Us

  • Art Anderson (2018)
  • Ernest Anderson (1981)*
  • Ray Atherton (1976)*
  • Byron Baird (2004)
  • Bill Baker (1970)
  • Mary Bell (2009)
  • Bill Benge (1986)
  • J. Ralph Bickley (1970)*
  • Milton Biles (1969)*
  • Bob Bolen (1994)*
  • Steve Boma (2016)
  • J. C. Brown (1974)*
  • W. I. Browning (1967)*
  • Amon G. Carter, Jr. (1967)*
  • John Cook (1982)
  • R. Earl Cox, III (1974)
  • Geraldine ‘Gerry’ Cozby (1990)*
  • Judson A. Cramer (1996)*
  • Bill Cranz (1997)*
  • Bob Crow (1994)*
  • Gary W. Cumbie (1995)
  • Rev. C.C. Cyphers (1968)*
  • Katrine Deakins (1976)*
  • Art Dickerson (1977)*
  • C. Douglas Dickerson, Jr. (1998)*
  • Raymond Dickerson (1987)
  • Vernon Evans (1987)
  • Reagan Ferguson (2006)
  • G.W. “Bill” Fisher (1968)*
  • Heard L. Floore (1974)*
  • Tony Ford (2004)
  • James Garvey (1972)*
  • Mario Garza (2014)
  • Bob & Pat Gersten (2017)
  • R.E. Gilley (1973)*
  • Kay Granger (Honorary 2007)
  • Bill Grant (1975)*
  • Loren Hanson (1983)*
  • Lee Roy Hahnfeld (1977)
  • Bob Hammond (1980)*
  • Dr. Jack F. Hardwick (1967)*
  • Allan Howeth (1976)
  • John Hughes (1983)*
  • Walter Humphrey (1969)*
  • Marion T. “Jap” Jones (1991)*
  • John T. Kaempf (1973)*
  • Jimmy Killingsworth (2011)
  • Australia King (1994)*
  • Robert M. Lansford (1985)
  • Jack Larson (2010)
  • Janan Leaman (2008)
  • H. G. Leffler (1990)*
  • Joe Lenamon (1983)
  • Arvil Lewis (1992)
  • Chris Lokey (2008)
  • Felix Lozano (2006)
  • W. G. Marquardt (1978)*
  • Scott McDonald (1973)*
  • Howard McMahan (1971)*
  • Bill & Pati Meadows (2001)
  • Henry Meadows (1972)*
  • Paul Midkiff (1993)
  • Cindy Milrany (2013)
  • Stuart Murff (2005)
  • Charles W. Needham (1980)*
  • Joyce Norris (2002)
  • J. Clark Nowlin (1984)*
  • Harold Odom, Sr. (1970)*
  • Joe K. Pace (1995)*
  • Brud Pickett (1981)*
  • G. J. Post, Jr. (1974)
  • Dr. Dan Powell (2003)
  • Jim Pridemore (1991)*
  • Buddy Puente (2012)
  • Jack Rattikin, Jr. (1980)
  • Oscar Reeder (1982)
  • Fred Sanders (1989)*
  • Y. C. Shamblee (1977)*
  • Whit Smith (2003)
  • Bishop Kenneth Spears (2009)
  • Steve Tatum (1990)
  • Sallie Nowlin Tarride (2002)
  • Gary Teague (1988)*
  • Gary Terry (2000)
  • F. Dick Thompson, Jr. (1982)
  • Homer Tomlinson, Jr. (1972)*
  • J. R. Thomas (1968)*
  • John F. Tinsley (1985)*
  • Mary Lou Tulloh (1983)*
  • E. R. Van Zandt (1985)*
  • A. B. Waldron (1986)*
  • Homer Walton (1982)*
  • Jim West (1979)*
  • Ophelia White (1981)*
  • Augustus Whitted, Jr. (1988)
  • Henry Widdecke, Jr. (1971)*
  • Paul Williams (2000)
  • S. R. Williams (1999)*
  • Loftin Witcher (1999)
  • Anthony Wommack (1986)*
  • Mary Wysong (1998)*

Corporate Recipients

  • Pier 1 Imports (2003)
  • Star-Telegram (2004)
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank (2005)
  • Wells Fargo (2006)


Community Partnership Award

Mortiz Dealership

Community Partnership Award Recipients

Started in 2008
  • TCU (2008)
  • City of Fort Worth (2009)
  • XTO Energy (2010)
  • City of Benbrook (2011)
  • The Morris Foundation (2012)
  • Amon G. Carter Foundation (2013)
  • Hood County Commissioners’ Court (2014)
  • Sid W. Richardson Foundation (2015)
  • Hatton W. Sumners Foundation (2016)
  • Moritz Dealerships (2018)

The YMCA is pleased to recognize the Moritz Dealerships as our Community Partnership Award recipient for 2018.

Since its inaugural year in 1981, the Fort Worth YMCA Turkey Trot has become an annual tradition in our community. Through the 36 years, family and friends have come together to begin their Thanksgiving Day in a fun and healthy way. The Trot tradition extends through generations of participants who celebrate the holiday with grandparents, family, neighbors and friends. Every year we hear of families who have declared the Turkey Trot as their new Thanksgiving tradition. Moritz began supporting the event in 1997 with a desire to make a difference in their surrounding neighborhood. The dealership’s long-term support of the YMCA Turkey Trot has allowed the event to grow from less than 3,000 to over 13,000 runners.

Through Moritz’s 20 years of event partnership, the Trot has provided over $2.5 million back to the Y. Proceeds from the Moritz Fort Worth YMCA Turkey Trot are used to fulfill the Y’s mission of providing access and programs for all, regardless of financial barriers many families in our community face daily. As we celebrate 20 years of partnership between Moritz and the Fort Worth YMCA, we applaud the corporation’s leadership for the long-standing commitment to support youth and families in our community.

Thank you again for the continued support of the mission and vision of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth.

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