4 Week Warrior Challenge Day 20


Today’s workout is a beast…literally.  We’ll incorporate bear crawls into our routine today, mixed with some familiar exercises.  You’ll start out with a combo tire flip/slam ball/tire jump.  Flip the tire first, then slam the ball 3 times, throw the ball in the tire, and finish off with 3 tire jumps (similar to box jumps).  You’ll do this for 1 lap.

Remember to bend at the knees with a straight back when doing med ball thrust ups.  Push through the heals on box step ups.  Bear crawl to all four cones to complete a lap.  Finally, finish off with another lap of tire flip/slam ball/tire jump.

Consider this the grand finale!  You’ve made it through the 4 Week Warrior Challenge.

Download Your Printable Day 20 Workout Here