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Meet Dennis

Dennis came to the Y a little over a year ago hoping to find a trainer and get in better shape. He ended up finding so much more!Member Testimonial - Facebook Post

Here is his Y story:

“On January 13 2015, I was at my highest weight ever at 255 pounds at 5’8”. I had high cholesterol, poor sleep, aches and pains and the body and health of someone 10 or 15 years older. I told Samantha I thought Brenna would be a good fit; based on her posted trainer bio. I told her I wanted somebody aggressive…she told me she thought Brenna was a good fit also.

It has been a hugely challenging and often grueling process since then as my workouts have transitioned and expanded as my fitness level has risen and the excess fat has been burned off. Starting off with pretty basic exercises and combining weights and conditioning to reach new levels of success over and over. In the entire time since we started; I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten bored or lost track of the goals because it’s always been fun and I’ve always felt like Brenna and the whole team at the Y were invested in my success as well. On the more difficult days; that’s been the difference between grinding out the workout versus putting it off until tomorrow.

On January 8, 2016 I weighed in at 173 pounds, High cholesterol is a long ago memory. Aches and pains only show up as momentary feedback from particularly hard workouts. I’m on to my 10th half marathon later this month and plan on tackling a full marathon in the spring. I know, with absolute certainty, that I will never give those gains up because I’ve had a great time and there hasn’t ever been any part of the process that wasn’t sustainable.

Over the years, I’ve had trainers at universities, chain health clubs, country clubs and individual studio trainers. I have never found a better, more committed or more knowledgeable team than the one that they’ve assembled at the Benbrook Y. And they manage that feat for a fraction of the cost of so many other providers. Samantha and Brenna should be very proud of this wonderful accomplishment.

Along with the wonderful progress I’ve enjoyed personally; the whole organization has become an important part of my wife and I’s routine and it’s so nice to have a happy cheerful face to greet you at the end of the day. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to contribute to the annual campaign and that is certainly our favorite charity because of the many programs that clearly make a difference to people right here in our community.

In short, I feel incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful facility and I plan even bigger progress and adventures with them in the coming years.” 

Meet Larry

Member Testimonial - Facebook Post

Larry has been a member of the YMCA Wellness Center since June 2015. Here is his Y story:

“The Village People years ago touted the YMCA and for years I have been singing about it but that is about all.

This past June when I went to see my doctor she told me at 222 lbs and only 5′ 7″ tall…this 70 year old man had high blood pressure and was pre diabetic as my AC1 levels were teetering on the boarder of everything bad.  After consulting with a dietitian at Harris Methodist Hospital about proper eating, she advised me that a complete foundation of proper nutrition and exercise went hand in hand.

She recommended the YMCA Wellness Center right across the street from the Hospital and I am very glad she did. Since day one they have made me feel welcomed and have encouraged me with positive comments and advised me of programs and activities that would be beneficial offered by the YMCA.  I found the moment I walked into the Wellness Center, that it was clean, comfortable, well equipped and unlike a lot of major chains, everything was in its place, all weights were racked and where they should be and I noticed the members wiping down the equipment when finished. They offer classes for all levels and ages of participants. Seniors are treated with respect and encouragement with their Silver Sneaker programs.

So, what has happened Since June of 2015?  I have gone from 222 lbs to 176 pounds. I was down 3 or 4 more pounds but have since gained a lot more muscle mass which is key to maintaining bone health, balance and burns more calories and keeps me very independent. My pant size was pushing the elastic on a size 40 waist and now I wear a 34. My shirts were XL and now I wear Medium.  I also ride my bike a lot – last year I rode over 3500 miles, but without the support of the Wellness Center and how welcome I feel when I am there, these results would not have been possible!”

Feeling Good,