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Youth and Government is a nation-wide YMCA program, active in nearly 40 states. Nationwide, nearly 25,000 students attend state Youth and Government conferences each year, with 3,300 adult volunteers and YMCA staff serving as adult advisers.

The Metropolitan Fort Worth YMCA Youth and Government is a youth-led, experiential learning opportunity which involves many Texas students each year.

The Metropolitan Fort Worth YMCA Youth and Government programs are organized throughout Tarrant and Hood counties to serve high school students. There are several components that make up Texas YMCA Youth and Government, including:

  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Media
  • YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs
  • Retreats and Training Session

Students can participate in one or more program offerings and register through their local YMCA or school delegations.

Program History

Youth & Government is a youth-led leadership club for high school students to learn about the legislative, judicial branches and other components of Texas government. Youth & Government offers opportunities to travel, consider careers, learn from professionals and make new friends.

The following is an overview of the different areas in which students can participate:


This branch takes participants through development, approval, debate and conclusion of proposed bills that mirror real issues affecting Texas government.


Participants in the judicial track work as judges, attorneys, bailiffs and witnesses in Appellate and Supreme Court mock trials. Civil and criminal cases are tried and decisions passed.

State Affairs Forum

State Affairs Forum follows the legislative order on a smaller scale; studying critical issues that face our state, present proposals for change or solution and debate their ideas with other planners.

News Media

With pen, camera or tape, students cover the events and issues of the conferences and report on local points of interest. Participants can choose to write, edit or produce the conference newspapers and broadcasts.


As a Lobbyist, experienced delegates work to influence the outcome of legislation through participation in hearing committees, the media, the youth Governor, the Governor’s cabinet, Representatives and Senators.

Age Groups

Junior Youth and Government: Grades 6 – 8 

Students research, write and debate a State issue with their peers from across Texas in mock legislature!

Youth and Government: Grades 9 – 12 

Students have the option to participate in the following branches: Legislative, Judicial (trial and appellate), Student Affairs Forum, and Media (print, cyber, and broadcast).

Schools We Serve: 

Christian Life Prep: Middle School and High School

Covenant Classical School: Middle School and High School

Southwest Christian: High School


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