Ballroom Basics

Welcome to Ballroom Basics at the Downtown YMCA – your  fast track towards making your dance dreams come true!  Whether you are a beginner wanting to overcome two left feet, or if you’re ready for the next steps on your dance journey, professional Ballroom Dance Instructor, Gina Crisanti, is eager to help you achieve your goals through a comprehensive program of  Private Lessons, Group Classes, Weekly Socials and Performance Opportunities. 

Group Classes

Learn new moves and practice with several partners (no partner necessary).  The class is progressive and is shaped by the memberships’ unique goals and needs. ‘Ballroom’ dances are taught as a foundation for more ‘Social’ dances – the result is an ability to dance unconditionally, with high-quality movement and clear communication on the dance floor.

Group classes take place Monday – Thursday from 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.


Individual – Monthly $30/member $50/non-member
Couple – Monthly $50/member $70/non-member
Individual – Drop In $8/member $12/non-member
Couple – Drop In $15/member $22/non-member

Private Ballroom Lessons

Individualized attention to detail, at your pace, private lessons are your most effective tool to become proficient on the social dance floor and beyond.  Focus on detail and refine the mechanics of ‘how’ to move well.  At least two privates per week are recommended in the beginning to build a solid foundation, and at least one private per week to maintain progress.


1 session $45/member $65/non-member
4 sessions $160/member $240/non-member
8 sessions $280/member $440/non-member

Monthly Dance Socials:

Pick up new moves and practice in the comfort of a nurturing learning environment: monthly socials are a segue between class and the social dance floor.  For newcomers-the Monthly Socials are an ideal way to become acquainted with the Ballroom Basics Program.

Dance Socials will be held the last Thursday of the month in the Wellness Studio from 7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m.

Bring your friends and meet us at the Y! FREE to everyone.

Performance Opportunities give you a goal and a reason to strive:

Master technique and create the muscle memory you need to feel effortless on any dance floor.  Members often perform at Nursing Homes, Retirement Centers, Bars, YMCA’s and local Parks and Plazas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear?

Proper dance shoes are an essential tool to help you reach your goals . However, for your first few lessons, any comfortable shoes that offer support on the heel and on top of the foot should work fine.  Ideal clothing allows freedom of movement.

How long will it take to learn?

The ‘Rule of 1000’ applies: conventional wisdom says it takes 1,000 reps to create muscle memory.  The Dance Express Program is designed to give you ample opportunity to create the muscle memory you need to dance freely, without having to think about the steps.  That being said, Learning to dance is an endless journey and the sky is the limit.  Your pace is set by your rate of attendance and attention to detail through private lessons, etc.

Do I need a partner?

No. In the group classes, we switch partners often.

What if I only want to focus one dance?

Private lessons are tailored for specific goals.  However, it is recommended that you build a strong base of knowledge of several dances before honing in on one.  Each dance emphasizes different qualities of movement that help you become a stronger dancer over-all.  Initial narrow focus can be limiting, whereas a broad focus allows for exponential growth:  improvement in any dance enhances your dancing over all.

Youth & Government

Our teen programs like Youth and Government give students the opportunity to get a glimpse of how our government works from the inside. Students participate as model legislators, trial attorneys, government planners, office holders and members of the media. Our teen programs help build leadership skills, character development and individual growth.

Youth and Government is currently offered at Young Women’s Leadership Academy. For more information, please email Kevin McKinnon at [email protected].