Day 8 – 6 Week Transformation Trainer

6 Week Transformation Trainer


I know you stuck with your cardio over the weekend, so today will be no problem when we increase the cardio.

You’re going to start off with a dropset on the Leg Extension, meaning you’ll do a set, strip off some weight, and immediately do another set. Then you’ll complete a ladder by doing 5 sets, increasing the weight each time. As you go, it will become difficult to complete all of the reps. Pause, rest for 5-10 seconds, then finish off the reps. Remember, the goal is to push further than you’ve ever gone, so we have to go where you’ve never been.

Cardio:  40 minutes.  Try to do all of your cardio on the stair climber, but if you need to break it up and you another piece, just make sure that your heart rate stays between 65-70% of your max heart rate.

Macros: Protein 1.28g X body weight, Carbs .89g x body weight

Download your printable Day 8 workout