Day 22 – 6 Week Transformation Trainer

6 Week Transformation Trainer


We’ve reached the halfway point, which means the sense of urgency we feel should be increasing…just 3 weeks left to to reach results you’ve never seen.  The cardio increases to 50 minutes today.  This is the point in the program where doubt and excuses may begin to creep into your mind.  Push them out and become comfortable being uncomfortable.

Remember to push through the heels on the leg press and pin-select leg press to keep the tension on the muscles, not the ligaments.  Clayton demos the Smith Machine squat today as an alternative to the free squat, but only use the Smith Machine if availability dictates it.

Cardio:  50 minutes.  Try to do all of your cardio on the stair climber, but if you need to break it up and you another piece, just make sure that your heart rate stays between 65-70% of your max heart rate.

Macros:  Protein 1.23g X body weight, Carbs .71g x body weight

Download your printable Day 22 workout