Day 25 – 6 Week Transformation Trainer

6 Week Transformation Trainer


When performing the rear delt exercises today, be sure to focus on isolating those delts, and not engaging the lats.  It’s difficult to do, so you may need to go a little lighter while you work out the form.  Be sure to adequately warm up.  Once again, the rest periods are equal to the number of reps you just performed.  Keep it intense, and remember, this is what you signed up for!

Cardio:  50 minutes.  Try to do all of your cardio on the stair climber, but if you need to break it up and you another piece, just make sure that your heart rate stays between 65-70% of your max heart rate.

Macros:  Protein 1.23g X body weight, Carbs .71g x body weight

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