Day 26 – 6 Week Transformation Trainer

6 Week Transformation Trainer


At this point in the program, you should be averaging about 3 pounds lost each week, or more.  If you aren’t seeing the results you are looking for, start by checking your nutrition to make sure it’s in line with the program.  Next, evaluate how that nutrition looks over the weekend, and whether or not you are keeping up with your cardio.  If you still need help, set up a time to meet with one of our trainers.

Cardio:  50 minutes.  Try to do all of your cardio on the stair climber, but if you need to break it up and you another piece, just make sure that your heart rate stays between 65-70% of your max heart rate.

Macros:  Protein 1.23g X body weight, Carbs .71g x body weight

Download your printable Day 26 workout