Y Warrior Challenge

Joshua Community YMCA

Y Warrior Challenge

We’ve designed the 4-Week Warrior Challenge video trainer as the most complete transformation program out there.  Everything we’ve learned from the 34 combined years of experience from our trainers has been carefully applied to this program.  Nothing has been left to chance, and transformations of our test participants show the reward.

About the Program:

This program is a carefully designed system that takes into account maximum performance through rest periods, exercise progression, and caloric efficiency.  We’ve designed this program so that no matter where you are on your journey to maximum health, you can complete it.  This program is best accomplished when accompanied by a proper nutrition plan, and is equally important to the workouts.  This is just a 4-week program, so there’s no time to cut corners.

Watch our trainers and then try to match them, every step of the way, then tell us about your workouts and your transformation on our Facebook page!

Additional Information:

Contact the Joshua Community YMCA at 817-645-9622 for more information or to get registered!