At the YMCA, we offer many opportunities for you to get in shape, feel your best and enrich your life. Group exercise classes and personal training are just a few of the ways the YMCA can help you achieve your fitness goals.


Group Exercise

The Northpark YMCA offers the most extensive schedule for fitness classes, and all classes are free to members! Prepare for amazing workouts in an exciting environment at the Northpark Y! The Northpark Y has carefully selected the most motivating instructors to help push you during your workouts!

Enjoy BodyATTACK, ZUMBA, BodyPUMP, Yoga, Spin, and much more!!

Check out our Group Exercise Schedule!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Jenafer Langston at [email protected]

Personal Training

This is where fitness gets personal – and so do the results!  Certified Personal Trainers will design and assist you in implementing a personal exercise plan.  Your program is based on your fitness level, schedule and personal goals.  A Personal Training session is either 1 hour in length or 30 minutes in length.

Contact: Jenafer Langston, Health & Wellness Coordinator for more information

Meet Our Trainers

Jenafer Langston

ACE Certified, SCHIWINN Cycling Certified, Les Mills BodyPUMP Certified, Y Weight Loss Certified, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Certified and the Health & Wellness Coordinator at the Northpark YMCA

Ashley began working out at the Y after she had her first child and lost 45 pounds! From there she became a group fitness instructor in 2015 and decided to make wellness her career! The Y has impacted her tremendously and her main goal is to help those that find a better version of themselves.

Feel free to reach out to Jenafer at [email protected] 

Danette Mitchell

Certified in Group Fitness, Senior Citizen Fitness, Pregnancy Fitness, Personal Training, Water Aerobics, Fitness Therapy

Danette started her career working in a fitness center at a local hospital. She loves the YMCA because it’s where she can see her clients becomming stronger each week! “I am experienced, results focused, down to earth, and I make my clients workouts effective and fun!”

Feel free to reach out to Danette at [email protected] 

James Gibson

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

James began working at the Y in 2011 as a wellness coach and had the desire to become a personal trainer. His passions are meeting new people, working out, caring for others and helping you meet your FULL potential! If you meet James we guarantee he will remember your name!

Feel free to reach out to James at [email protected] 

Fred Whitlark

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Nutrition, and ACE Senior Fitness

Fred retired from IBM and found his passion for wellness! At that point he went back to school to get his certification. His favorite part about working at the Y is the positive gym environment. He wants to enable people to become healthier and help them enjoy the journey in becoming fit!

Feel free to reach out to Fred at [email protected] 

Jessica Thompson

ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Jessica has been a Y member for over 10 years and has an amazing fitness story. She enjoys taking BodySTEP and enjoys lifting weights! Her favorite quote is “The reason we care for our bodies is not to prolong our lives or gain popularity, it is because we value and desire to STEWARD Gods’ gift.” – Unknown

Feel free to reach out to Jessica at [email protected] 

Laney Hawes

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Les Mills BodyPUMP Certified, Cycle Certified

Laney has many years experience in the YMCA wellness world. She moved to Keller from Buffalo, NY in 2016! She loves the Y because it is a place where she can push herself physically while having fun and making friends. “I love helping people change and watching people achieve goals they never thought were possible!”

Feel free to reach out to Laney at [email protected]

Nutrition Counseling

Meet our Registered Dietitian, Ruth, for 45-minute sessions to discuss your eating habits and work on modifying your behavior in a sustainable way! Get a personalized nutrition plan and expert advice that will help you reach strategic nutrition goals! Establish accountability for long term success!
Reach out to Ruth at [email protected]