Health & Wellness

Westside YMCA


At the YMCA, we offer many opportunities for you to get in shape, feel your best and enrich your life. Group exercise classes, personal training, and FitStart are just a few of the ways the YMCA can help you achieve your fitness goals. We also offer CPR, First Aid and other classes designed to teach students how to recognize life-threatening emergencies, provide basic life support, and obtain certification.

Our classes range from yoga and Pilates, to spin (biking) classes and boxing, to step and circuit training. We offer several types of machines to help you in your cardiovascular workout and at least one resistance (weight) machine for each of your major muscle groups. We have free weights, benches and stability balls so you can customize your regimen to your own program and goals.

Youth and Teens

Wellness Orientations

Youth members ages 8-12 will participate in one one-hour educational sessions that will include training in nutrition, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise. Students will know how to stretch properly and workout on select cardiovascular exercise. Teen members ages 12-15 must complete a training course in order to use the equipment in the fitness center. Students should come to class prepared to do a short workout. This class is free to our members.