Marian’s Story

Enhancing A Healthy Lifestyle

“If you have a pulse you have a purpose.” Marian, who recently turned 80, didn’t always think that, but now it’s her favorite saying. After suffering her third stroke in a little more than two years, Marian’s granddaughter turned to the Y. Marian was weak, and had serious problems maintaining her balance. But months after working with a personal trainer at the Y, she is inspiring everyone around her. “The progression she’s made since the beginning is truly remarkable,” said Lalitha Kasal, Marian’s trainer. “She is just this walking spirit.”

Three days a week you’ll find Marian in the pool, on the treadmill, and believe it or not, on the climbing wall! How’s that for an octogenarian who is overcoming the effects of three strokes.

“The Y has been life-changing for me,” said Marian. “When I think about it, the Y has reshaped my life and made me focus on caring for my health.” Marian had given up hope that anything could help following her third stroke, until her granddaughter brought her to the Y. The 80-year-old has left a lasting impression on everyone she meets, especially her trainer. “People come up to her all the time and say you’re my hero. And they mean it,” said Lalitha.

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