Miss Marian

We LRMARIANwould like to introduce you to our newest inspiration, Miss Marian Harris! You’d never know it just by looking at her, but Marian has suffered from three strokes within the last three years. After her first stroke three years ago, Marian decided to put her health first. With the help of family, she initially made a change in her diet while she worked to gain back much of the strength and balance she had lost. Unfortunately, after only one year of recovery, Marian had two consecutive strokes within about a month’s time; setting her progresLRMARIAN2s back. However, this wouldn’t stop her from continuing with the changes she committed to a year ago. In just the past two years, Marian has both lost over 150 pounds with proper nutrition, and is now training for her second 5k. Her goals prior to the upcoming 5k this April, are not only to complete the walk in under an hour; but are to work on her balance, build strength, increase her active range of motion, and to find confidence in her steps again.

Marian joined the Y family in hopes of working with a trainer to help her reach her goals. She recognized that if she was going to move independently, she would need help from someone to help her regain mobility. Currently, Marian is working with Lalitha, a National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer, who is taking Marian through a program which involves aerobic, balance, and strength training. This series of work is challenging and is being performed in a way that will allow Marian to rewire those neurological pathways that control her body’s unilateral movements and balance mechanisms. Already, Marian is relearning how to perfect her stride and pace without her walker, and is balancing on one foot at a time for a full second! You will not just see Marian training for her 5k event in April; you will also see her lifting weights in the gym alongside her fellow Y Community.

We are excited to have LRMARIAN1Marian and her family as part of the YMCA Community, and we are looking forward to following her journey and tracking her progress over the next few months. Marian is proof that no matter your age, no matter what medical or physical complications one may have, it IS possible to achieve your goals. With both proper nutrition and exercise, Marian is living life to her fullest and is making huge strides in her rehabilitation process. Here are the YMCA we strive to give YOU the opportunity, knowledge, and help, to achieve your own health and fitness goals. Join us on Marian’s journey, and get started on your own.