Olivia’s Story

Providing Access For All

Olivia was a teenager living on her own, working two jobs to make ends meet, while taking classes at a community college with hopes of getting a degree. Then she realized her three younger siblings were in serious danger because they were exposed to drug abuse and other criminal activity. Olivia took matters into her own hands and got the kids out of an unsafe environment by becoming their legal guardian. Olivia is truly a hero. However, she was faced with a dilemma. After becoming a staff member at a local church and working a regular full-time job, she wondered “Who will take care of the kids during the summer?”

Olivia heard that the Y offered financial assistance, so she called to see if Allison, Caylin and Matthew might be able to get a scholarship to go to summer camp. Thanks to your generosity, the YMCA was able to welcome the three siblings all summer long with the financial help Olivia needed.

“It was the biggest weight off my shoulders,” Olivia said. “I have peace of mind, and I know the kids are having fun just being kids. And I know they’re safe.”

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