150702LWW104116Meet Olivia

At the age of 19, Olivia took on the responsibility of raising her 3 younger siblings to get them out of danger and into a safe environment. Olivia became their legal guardian and now, at age 21, she is raising 8-year-old Allison, 9-year-old Caylin and 11 year-old Matthew, while working full time and continuing to seek her college degree. Olivia is truly a hero!


This summer, faced with her full-time job responsibilities, Olivia wondered what many moms do – “Who will take care of the kids this summer while I’m at work?” Luckily, her co-workers introduced her to the YMCA, where she applied for financial assistance, and the three siblings attended YMCA Camp Carter day camp all summer.


“It was the biggest weight off my shoulders,” Olivia said. “I have peace of mind, and I know the kids are having fun just being kids. And I know they’re safe.”


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