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YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

Eastside YMCA Updates

Our Community. Our Voice.

We are committed to our expansion in support of your community. Read and watch this page for project updates and exciting events.

The Eastside YMCA has played a vital role in fostering personal growth, strengthening social bonds, and driving positive change in the neighborhood. We are committed to its revitalization and sustainability.

Champions of the Eastside Y project commemorate a significant investment to the project.

Working Together to Make a Positive Impact

The journey to revitalize the Eastside YMCA stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of the community. By rallying together, the community can ensure that the Eastside Y continues to be a source of inspiration, personal growth, and positive social change for generations to come.


As we prepare to reopen the doors, a new chapter begins – one that embodies the collective determination and unwavering dedication of the community. We invite all members of the community to join in this endeavor, supporting the revitalization efforts and actively contributing to the future success of the Eastside YMCA.

Honoring the Past

From its establishment, the Eastside YMCA has been a beacon of hope, offering diverse programs and initiatives tailored to meet the evolving needs of the community. Its youth development programs have provided invaluable opportunities for young individuals to develop leadership skills, character, and self-confidence. Through a focus on health and wellness, the YMCA has encouraged community members of all ages to adopt healthy lifestyles, promoting physical activity and holistic well-being.


Unfortunately, the Eastside YMCA faced a temporary closure due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting its essential services and programs. However, the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth remains fully committed to the Eastside community.

Celebrating the Present

Efforts are underway to revitalize the Eastside YMCA and transform it into a Community Impact Center—a hub that will continue to serve as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment.


We have embarked on an ambitious project that promises to revolutionize the current building and services turning it into a Community Impact Center slated to open by Fall 2024.

Investing for the Future: $16 Million

The scope of the project is set up in three phases:

Phase 1 (Fall 2024)

  • Renovate existing building and outdoor spaces to enhance current facilities such as the indoor fitness center and the outdoor pool
  • Create transition spaces for learning, wellness, fitness, and opportunities for all ages
  • Generate opportunities for teens/youth to grow in areas of fitness, technology, music and video production along with room for community gathering spaces, teen nights, Y Leaders clubs, etc.

Phase 2 (Future TBD)

  • Production of a full-sized gymnasium (community impact center) to accommodate for after school programs, day camps, various recreational activities and community gathering opportunities
  • Development of a sports field and court to provide outdoor sports opportunities for the community

Phase 3 (Future TBD)

  • Establishment of a childcare center to provide families with a safe and nurturing environment for their children

Our goal is to create a hub of support for the community, with a particular focus on youth and families. The center will offer various programs, including early learning initiatives, addressing food insecurity, leadership development, and youth engagement opportunities. It will also serve as a workforce development center, supporting teenagers in their career aspirations.

Join us in achieving this goal as a donor or sponsor.

The YMCA offers quick and easy financial assistance in the form of our Open Doors program for every membership and Y program. Learn more today!