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Reach & Rise® Mentoring Program

The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth is pleased to offer the Reach & Rise® Mentoring Program in Fort Worth.

What is Reach & Rise®?

Reach & Rise® is a national YMCA program designed to build a better future for youth by helping them reach their full potential through the support of caring adults. Reach & Rise® is a free, one-to-one youth mentoring program that was established to provide young people in our community with positive adult relationships. Each adult is matched with a young person who they meet with once a week.

Each match lasts a minimum of one year. Mentors serve as role models, friends, and confidants. They’re a source of support for at risk children. Mentors are not meant to take the role of a parent, babysitter, or financer. Mentors try to introduce their mentees to new activities to help them grow and learn about themselves and their community.

Who can participate in Reach & Rise®?

Reach & Rise® services children and youth who are:

  • Between the ages of 6-17 years old
  • Experiencing social isolation, family problems or other stressors
  • From military families
  • Who are open to the idea of mentoring
  • From families that are overstressed/overwhelmed
  • Involved with or at-risk of entering the juvenile justice system

Goals of Reach & Rise®:

  • Youth are able to use words to express their feelings
  • Reinforce youth’s strengths
  • Improve family relationships
  • Improve academic performance and behavior at school
  • Connected to employment and community

To refer someone for the Reach & Rise® program:

Referrals can come from schools, counselors, clinicians, community or be self-referred. Referrals can be sent anytime. The family (including youth) should be aware and interested in the Reach & Rise® program before a referral is sent.

Please click here for our Reach & Rise® Referral Form!

Interested in being a mentor?

The Y recruits and trains adult volunteer mentors to provide direct one-to-one mentoring services and create safe, healthy, and meaningful relationships with youth. Mentors and mentees will participate in service projects, field trips, and other engaging activities. Mentors spend 1-3 hours per week with their mentee during the year long program.

Mentors are:

  • Volunteers from the local community who wish to make a positive impact on the self-esteem of young people
  • Men and women ages 23-60+
  • Adults from varied cultural, educational and professional backgrounds
  • Mentors are actively recruited within the YMCA community, community agencies, local corporations, universities and by word of mouth of current mentors

Frequently Asked Questions:

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For more information about the Reach & Rise® program, please contact Debra Rockmore at 817-534-1591 or email