Are you interested in becoming a certified lifeguard for the summer? Then we are looking for you! The lifeguard courses below include a 30-hour training course held over 5 days for anyone wishing to become a YMCA certified lifeguard. Click on one of the links to register for a session below – you must be present each day.

If you wish to work for the YMCA after course completion, please contact your local branch’s Aquatics Director to set up an interview prior to registration.  All future employees will be given discounted rate of $125 for the lifeguard course.


2017 Lifeguard Courses

Date: Location:
February 15-19th Ryan
March 13-16th Hood County, Benbrook
April 5-9th Ryan
April 19-23rd Hood County
May 3-7th Ryan
May 10-14th Hood County
May 16-19th Westside
May 24-28th Northwest
June 5-8th Westside
June 12-15th Eastside
June 19-22nd Southwest
June 26-29th Airport
July 10-13th Westside
July 31-August 3rd Westside
September 6-10th Ryan
October 4-8th Benbrook
November 1-5th Ryan
December 6-10th Ryan


2017 Lifeguard RENEWAL Courses

Date: Location:
February 25th Ryan
April 1st Ryan
June 3rd TBD
July 19th TBD
August 16th Northwest
September 30th Ryan
October 28th Ryan
November 25th Benbrook
December 27th Ryan



  • If you intend to work for the YMCA, the lifeguard course will be $125
  • Otherwise, the cost of the course is $300

Course Requirements:

By registering for the course, all lifeguard candidates are attesting to the following:

  1. The ability to swim 50-100 yards of front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke.
  2. The ability to tread water for 2 minutes without their hands and surface dive feet first in 8-10 feet of water and swim under water for 15 feet.
  3. All candidates must demonstrate throughout the entire course the mature and behavior expected of a rescue professional.

Candidates are required to complete and pass 10 hours of online homework before the first day of the course.  The online homework includes CPR Pro, Basic First Aid, Emergency Oxygen Administration and YMCA Lifeguarding content.  Candidates who arrive on the first day without online homework certificates will be dismissed from the course.

To pass the course, candidates must pass the following written exams with 80% or higher: CPR Pro, Basic First Aid, Emergency Oxygen Administration, YMCA Lifeguarding.  Candidates must also pass a team water skills test and demonstrate the ability to perform every rescue.

In the event that any of the above are not performed to Y-USA Lifeguard standards, the following refunds may be provided to those individuals paying full price for the course:

Day 1 – $200 may be refunded

Day 2 – $150 may be refunded

Day 3 – $100 may be refunded

Day 4 – No refund

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact Jacquelyn Kotar at