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Unleash your competitive spirit and discover the thrill of athletics! The Y believes in the potential of every child, and that’s why we offer much more than just games. Our programs empower youth to shine on and off the field, helping to develop essential skills like teamwork, self-confidence, and self-worth.

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Competitive sports leagues and clinics for athletes of all skill levels and interests are available year-round. Improve your skills and make friends with our exciting sports offerings.

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The Seven Pillars of YMCA Youth Sports

We believe our Youth Sports programs can help children develop relationships, grow leadership skills, appreciate diversity, and learn the virtue of fair play while having fun.


Everyone Plays

Welcoming and accommodating participants of all backgrounds, abilities, and skill levels, and actively working to remove barriers to participation.


Safety First

Ensuring the safety of all participants through proper equipment, rules enforcement, and trained staff and volunteers.


Fair Play

Encouraging good sportsmanship is essential. Participants should learn the importance of fair play, respect for opponents, and how to handle wins and losses with grace and humility.


Positive Competition

Cultivating an environment where healthy competition values effort and improvement above winning alone. Emphasize the value of competing to the best of one’s abilities, respecting opponents, and learning from victories and defeats.


Family Involvement

Parents are encouraged to support their children positively and respect the decisions of coaches and officials. Involvement provides a sense of belonging for young athletes.


Sports For All

Inclusive sports programs welcome and accommodate participants of all backgrounds, abilities, genders, and skill levels. They actively work to remove barriers that might prevent certain individuals or groups from participating.


Sports For Fun

Above all, youth sports should be fun and enjoyable. When children and adolescents have positive experiences in sports, they are more likely to stay active and engaged throughout their lives.

2024 Sports Season Information

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Financial Assistance & Special Pricing

The Y is here for ALL. Financial assistance, including insurance-supported programs, is available to help pay for memberships, programs, camps, and sports.

Youth Soccer

It’s important for kids to have goals–but it’s even more fun to kick them! This season’s lineup has something for every age group and all skill levels. With numerous locations and practice schedules developed with family commitments in mind, you’ll love this experience.

Youth Baseball

America’s pastime lives at the Y! We put the “fun” in fundamentals while giving your child the chance to develop their skills and find their swing. We’ve curated a carefully crafted schedule that maximizes your family’s time while ensuring your young athlete gets the full game-time experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Team assignments and coach information will be communicated to registered participants before the start of the season. Please be patient as we rely on volunteer coaches. Keep an eye on your provided contact information and Playerspace.
Required equipment varies by sport, basic items include tennis shoes or cleats, a water bottle, and appropriate athletic wear. Please reference the registration email and the website for sport-specific gear.
Practice and game schedules, as well as locations, will be shared by the coach or through YMCA Playerspace or email. These will be provided no later than the week prior to the first practice.
Our programs welcome parent volunteers as coaches, team parents, or helpers. For coaching positions, visit our website to begin the background check process. We provide ample support for volunteers.