Eleven branches of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth have swimming pools – four are indoor and nine are outdoor. In addition, Camp Carter YMCA has an outdoor pool that is used during the summer camp season.

Learn more about our involvement with the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition and its Safe Swim Program .


Our Programs

  • Swim lessons for all ages
  • Swim Team
  • Water Aerobics
  • Lifeguarding classes

At the Y, we focus on these 5 components of swim lessons:

  1. Personal safety
  2. Personal growth
  3. Water sports & games
  4. Rescue
  5. Stroke development




Specific Aquatic Program Information


Class Description

Parent/Child Water Adjustment (6-36 Months)

This class provides the parent and child a positive aquatic environment and experience together under the guidance of a trained YMCA staff member.  With the parent and child in the water together, the child will be exposed to games and activities that use basic skills in the water such as kicking, arm strokes, floating, and breath control.  Children   progress at the own rate and development in a comfortable and fun class setting.

swim-girl-jumpingPreschool Lessons(3–5 Years)

Pike/Eel: Newer to the aquatics environment, learning to float on their own, learning to jump off the side of the pool, have not mastered kicking or gliding.

Ray/Starfish: Can float on their front or back on their own, do not need floatation devices to swim, learning the crawl stroke, learning rotary breathing, have not mastered the back crawl stroke.

School-Age Lessons(6 Years and Up)

Polliwog: Newer to the aquatics environment, learning to float on their own, have not mastered kicking or gliding.

Guppy/Minnow: Do not need floatation devices to swim, learning to swim proficiently using the crawl stroke,learning to swim proficiently using rotary breathing, have not master the back crawl stroke.

Fish/Flying Fish: Can swim 2 lengths of the pool,can use rotary breathing, can use the back crawl stroke,have not mastered the breaststroke or dolphin kick, have not mastered butterfly or open turns.

Teen and Adult Lessons (16+ Years)


The goal is to help the beginner or non-beginner feel comfortable in the water. Participants can progress at their own rate and learn methods to help overcome their reservations about the water. Trained instructors teach breath control and basics of floating and gliding.

Advanced Beginner

For those that are comfortable in the water but lack the skills to perform basic strokes. Trained instructors teach floating and front and back strokes.