Group Swim Lessons

Jump In with YMCA Swim Lessons

Swim, Splash, Repeat. Build Confidence with every stroke in a Y group swim lesson. Using a nationally recognized curriculum that advances swimming skills using repetition and a focus on safety, youth will build confidence in every stroke and find friends in each lesson.

Key Information

Ages: Swim Lessons are for ages 6 months +
YMCA membership not necessary to participate
Scholarships available

Swim Basics

  • Preschool Ratio 1:5
  • School Age Ratio 1:8
  • Breath Control – submerge, bob, retrieve object
  • Swimming on front –glide, float, swimming front
  • Swimming on back –float, glide swimming back
  • Water Safety – water exit, roll, tread
  • Benchmark skills – swim/float/swim/jump/push/turn/grab

Swim Strokes

  • Ratio 1:8
  • Rhythmic breathing
  • Stroke technique
  • Breast Stroke
  • Butterfly Stroke
  • Water Safety – dive, resting stroke, tread

Developmental Swim Team

  • Ratio 1:10
  • Qualifications required
  • Endurance – swim 150 yards
  • Front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, flip turn
  • Back crawl
  • Water safety – dive, resting stroke, tread

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Financial Support

The Y is here for ALL. Financial assistance, including insurance-supported programs, is available to help pay for memberships, programs, camps, and sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to bring a swimsuit, towel, and any children who are not potty trained will need to bring a swim diaper. You can bring goggles, but be prepared for the instructor to not allow them for certain practice times. 
Our participant-to-instructor ratio is 1 instructor for every 4 kids in our Preschool and Youth classes. Our more advanced lessons can have up to 6 participants with 1 instructor. Our parent/child classes are up to 10-12 pairs. 

If you are at one of our indoor pools, we do not have to close for severe weather. Our outdoor pools will close due to lightning, and we will notify you as soon as possible of any cancellations. Make-up lessons are held that Friday, and if we miss any more than the Fridays provided – we will let you know of the make-up lesson plan.

Each child is different, so be prepared for it to take more than one session for your child to reach their swim goals. All of our swim lesson curriculum builds off the previous stage, and each child will progress at their own pace. 

If you have a change of schedule, let us know before the Friday, before your session start date – we are able to accommodate. Any cancellations after that, we cannot refund your lesson session.