Employee Wellness

A Healthier Workplace

Employers facilitating and supporting healthy behaviors can have a significant and lasting positive impact on the health of employees, your organization, and the community. By joining our Preferred Partner Program, the Y can help identify your organization’s needs and work with you to meet them.

Preferred Partner Program

Health is critical for all of us and with more and more individuals spending their days in the office, at home or sitting at a desk, promoting wellness and work/life balance is increasingly important. As the leading nonprofit committed to healthy living, we are honored to partner with you to help connect your employees to their potential, purpose and each other.

Healthy People, Healthy Teams

Research shows that there are many great benefits of healthy employees including increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, lower insurance premiums, and lower workers compensation expenses. These types of benefits are only seen when an employer understands how valuable employee wellness is to the overall success of an organization and makes an investment in the health of their team.

Benefits of Our Preferred Partner Program:

100% off joiner fee

20% discount on monthly membership fee

One week guest pass for employees to try the Y

Access to all YMCAs within DFW

Virtual & on-demand classes

Host 2 on-site membership promotions

Member pricing on YMCA programs

Employee usage reports upon request

Connect with Your Community

No matter where you are on your journey, the Y is where you (and your employees) can be, belong and become.