YMCA programs provide activities for teens that allow them to shape their values and discover their special talents. Teen programs are designed to take teens on a journey of discovery that encourages a life of community service with them as well. With an “asset-building” approach, teens can develop life-long skills and the understanding they the need to become successful in life.

Teen Club

Your YMCA has created a program to provide richer and more impactful experiences for your teens. Studies show that when young people are engaged in meaningful activity with mature adults who care about them, they are more likely to gain decision making skills that will help them become well adjusted adults. Teen Club is here at your Northwest YMCA.

What is Teen Club?

Teen Club is a gathering of middle school aged “teens” (ages 11-15) at the Northwest YMCA. In a typical meeting, teens will gather and…

  • Have fun just hanging out!
  • Discuss issues that are important to them.
  • Play games.
  • Plan social outings and meaningful service projects that they can do with their friends.

teens-group-standingSocial outings that Teen Clubs at other YMCA’s in the area have done are:

  • Movies, Bowling, Go-Carts, Ice Skating
  • Camping, road trips to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and OKC
  • All night lock-ins

Service projects that Teen Clubs at other YMCA’s in the area have done are:

  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Habitat for Humanity workdays
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Angel Tree, Thanksgiving Turkey Drive
  • Service Experiences in NYC as well as New Orleans

The driving concept behind Teen Club is that this is a club FOR Teens, BY Teens. It has their fingerprints all over it!

If you would like more information about Teen Club for your teen please contact 817-237-7237.