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Go Beyond Grades

April 11, 20240 min

The YMCA has Joined a County-Wide Initiative to support on-grade learning.

Are you ready to GO BEYOND GRADES with us? We are partnering with 80 local community partners across Tarrant County to launch a national parent engagement campaign that is empowering and equipping local parents to be their child’s most effective advocate for their learning and life success!

Visit Go Beyond Grades for free tools, resources, videos, and more in English and Spanish. You’ll also see Go Beyond Grades on billboards across Tarrant County, in social media, and in the news. As summer quickly approaches, here are three actions to take to Go Beyond Grades:



Research shows that nearly 86% of Tarrant County parents say their kids get B’s or better. Yet, only half of students are at grade level in reading and math.

  1. Ask if your child is on grade level. Even if your school doesn’t have spring conferences, reach out to your child’s teachers. Check out the print-ready parent-teacher conversation guide to get the most out of your end-of-year conversation.

  1. Be in the know about your child’s learning. You don’t have to be a math or reading expert to advocate for your child. Help them succeed by knowing what and how they’re learning in school with Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher About Reading and Math.

  1. Connect to summer programs in Tarrant County and download the first-of-its-kind free Parent Pass™ app, built BY local families, FOR local families, with local education opportunities, mental health supports, healthcare and community services, and more – all reviewed by local parents to make sure every Tarrant County family has the help they need to thrive.

Take these three steps­ and then let us know you’ve joined the movement by posting to your social media account and including the hashtag #LetsGBGTarrant!


Is your child at grade level? Ask the teacher. This simple question can make a big difference.

Use the Parent-Teacher Planning Tool from @Learning Heroes to get the most out of your end-of-year conversation with your child’s teacher.

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