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Step 2 - Financial Information: Monthly Draft Authorization

I hereby authorize the YMCA to draft my checking, savings, and/or credit card accounts and authorize the financial institutions associated with my checking, savings, and/or credit card accounts to deposit the same amount into the account of the YMCA. This authority will remain effective until written request for termination is received at least 30 days prior to the next draft date. I further understand that I may change accounts authorized online, or by filling out a change form at the YMCA. The conditions stated in this form will apply to any and all accounts I authorize either in this form, a change request form, or by listing new accounts online for payment and draft purposes and the conditions stated above will apply.

Step 3 - YMCA Membership Conditions

Confidential Information
All information provided on this application for membership is considered confidential. We do not provide or sell membership information to anyone or any organization. All statistical reporting is done in a summary format. Some federal government grants that provide direct government assistance to individuals require the YMCA to report ethnic origin, household income, and family size to be considered in compliance with their standards.

Termination of Membership
To cancel a membership, the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth requires a termination form completed at a branch or alternative arrangements can be made with the Membership Director. Minimum of 30 days is required to stop EFT or credit card draft. If a member pays by annual invoice, and cancels before the term of membership expires, the YMCA will refund any unused balance beyond the 30-day written notice period. A request for refund must be submitted at time of termination. Members are responsible for verifying their monthly bank statements, and the YMCA will not be responsible for erroneous membership drafts beyond 60 days of cancellation.
Photo Release
I hereby authorize the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, and any of its branches, to use my or my child’s photo/likeness in promotions, advertising and other public relations programs of the YMCA, including both print and digital promotions. I give my permission to the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth to use photographs, film footage, or tape recordings, which may include me or my child’s image or voice for purposes of promoting or interpreting YMCA programs for no compensation.
Raptor System
The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth utilizes the Raptor System to screen for sex offenders. All members age 18 and up will be screened utilizing their state issued ID. This may cause individuals to not be allowed access to any YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth facility.

Step 4 - Liability Waiver

I understand that the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, (herein referred to as “YMCA”), it’s officers, agents and employees, assume no responsibility for injuries or illness that I may sustain, as a result of my physical condition, while observing or participating in “YMCA” activities or while using any facilities or equipment during any “YMCA” activities. I understand the “YMCA” shall not be responsible for personal property lost, damaged or stolen while I or any authorized user of my membership or any other program participants use any “YMCA” facilities or are on any “YMCA” program premises.
I understand that all exercises may not be suitable for me, and that participation in any exercise program may result in injury and even death. I understand that I should consult my physician before beginning any exercise program. I understand that the instructions or advice presented by the “YMCA” staff are in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical counseling. I authorize emergency medical treatment in the event of an injury or medical occurrence.
The “YMCA” will not assume responsibility for any injury incurred while participating in any athletic events, childcare programs, parent/child events and outings, special events, sports programs, or any related “YMCA” sponsored activities. Certain risks of injury are inherent during participation in these programs and events. Nor will the “YMCA” be responsible for any lost or stolen items while members and/or program participants are using “YMCA” facilities, on “YMCA” premises, or on off-site “YMCA” program locations.
I, the undersigned, for myself and my heirs, do hereby release the “YMCA” and its employees and agents from any and all claims for injury, loss or damage I may suffer as a result of my participation, including any injury caused by negligence, if any, of the “YMCA”, its officers, employees, agents, volunteers or the negligence of anyone else.