YMCA programs provide activities for teens that allow them to shape their values and discover their special talents. Teen programs are designed to take teens on a journey of discovery that encourages a life of community service with them as well. With an “asset-building” approach, teens can develop life-long skills and the understanding they the need to become successful in life.

Teen Membership

Our Teen Membership is for individuals age 13-17. A parent or guardian will need to complete membership application and setup monthly draft information for their teen. Click here to view our membership rates. As a member of the YMCA our youth ages 13-15 are required to complete a youth orientation led by our certified wellness coaches. 

Youth & Teen Orientation

Youth Orientation is a free required class for members ages 8 – 15 who are interested in utilizing the equipment in the facility. Participants will meet with a Wellness Coach to learn the fundamentals of cardio training, machine introduction, and gym etiquette.  Youth that successfully complete Orientation Program will earn permission to utilize the Fitness Floor.

  1. Students must attend an orientation in order to receive a membership card.
  2. Students must participate 100%
  3. All students must wear athletic shoes at all times.  No sandals or crocs allowed.
  4. After completing all sessions, students must follow the same rules and procedures when using the fitness equipment on their own.
  5. Students will be instructed to lift only safe amount of weight.  No competitive lifting!!  To prevent injuries, parents should encourage this even after orientation is completed.
  6. No running or horseplay in or around fitness center.
  7. Anyone caught outside of these guidelines will be verbally warned on the first offense, the second offense will be cause for suspension of fitness center privileges for up to one year.
  8. YMCA lanyards and membership cards must be visibly displayed at all times upon completion of the orientation.
Wellness Floor Age Parent/Guardian Required in Facility Orientation Signed By Parent
Select Cardio Machines 8 to 11 Yes Youth Orientation Required Yes
Selectorized Machines & All Cardio 12 Yes Youth Orientation Required Yes
Selectorized Machines & All Cardio  13+ No Teen Orientation Required Yes
Free Weights 14 & 15 No Teen Orientation Required Yes

Teen Advisory Council

The Joshua Community YMCA is always looking for students to join our Teen Advisory Council! Do you know someone you would like to refer?
Click here to refer a student for the Teen Advisory Council.