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Overnight Camp Themes

February 9, 20240 min

Overnight Camp Quick Guide for Camp Carter

This quick guide to themes, dates, and drop-off schedules will help you plan the perfect summer for your Y Camper!

In addition to each ultimate theme week, campers will have an opportunity to choose their clinics for each activity period AND of course, they’ll get to experience all their camp favorites like the challenge course, canoeing, swimming, archery, fishing, and more!

Camper Check-In & Check -Out schedule:

  • Sundays: 3 – 4 pm
  • Saturdays: 9:30 am
    (Parents are invited to join us for closing ceremonies!)
Please bring a valid ID. Only authorized adults with a valid ID can check campers out of camp.

Please remember to pack a wide-mouth refillable water bottle, sunscreen, and an easy-to-use backpack. Please leave all electronics at home!

For a full packing list and how to prepare for overnight camp including daily schedules, required forms and drop off/pick up processes, please read our parent guide.

Weekly Themes

Looking for Day Camp themes? See details here.

Teen Program- Counselor In Training (CIT) for 16 year olds

July 14 – Aug. 3

The Counselor in Training program at YMCA Camp Carter is a fully immersive leadership and counselor preparation program that takes place over three weeks. Our CITs will go through challenge course initiatives, an in-depth goal-setting program, become site-certified in our Archery range and challenge course, and receive their First Aid and CPR certificates. CITs will go through our lifeguard training program to provide all CITs with an opportunity to operate as one of our lifeguards for the duration of the summer upon passing the lifeguard certification test and class.

Teen Program – Leader In Training (LIT) for 15 year olds

June 16 – 29

The Leader in Training program at YMCA Camp Carter is a fully immersive character-building, leadership training that takes place every other week at Day Camp. These LITs will go through challenge course initiatives, goal-setting program, and archery training, while still participating in day camp programs, all camp games and being leaders to younger campers. The LITs will be included in the youngest camper groups, where they will be role models and have an opportunity to experience what being a leader is all about. LITs will also go on a canoe trip and field trip off-site during the week. The LIT program also includes Challenge Course, Canoeing, Swimming, Archery, Fishing, and more! This program is a progressive step towards those interested in becoming counselors and or CIT the following year.

Please complete the LIT packet on our website. Following an interview, campers may enroll in camp if selected.

Mini-Camp for ages 6- 8 years – Around the World

June 12 – 15

All around the world, there are jaw-dropping unseen sights that will blow your imagination out of the water! Cultures, foods, people, sceneries, and more that are just waiting to be discovered. Join us as we venture through the oceans, deserts, forests, and more!


Week 1 Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
June 16 – 22 – Pirate Week

The winds are raging, the waves are crashing, and the skies are pouring! Every pirate crew is braving the obstacles ahead to find, capture, and return the hidden treasure that has yet to be found at Camp Carter. Will you surpass the great Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Captain Barbosa, Dread Pirate Roberts, or other timeless pirates that have yet to discover the hidden riches?

Week 2 Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
June 23 – 29 – Adventure Week

Are you ready to get outdoors? Adventure week offers an opportunity to put your inner explorer to the test as you dive into our options for outdoor experiences while making new friends, building your skills, getting unplugged and experiencing the great outdoors!

Week 3 Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
July 7 – 13 – Heroes Week

Calling all Superheroes! Camp Carter needs YOU to help save camp. Go through superhero training and defeat the invading villains, solve problems, complete missions, and restore peace to Camp Carter. Gear up for the best week yet!

Week 4 Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
July 14 – 20 – Fantasy Week

Be everything you want to be at camp—a wizard, hobbit, donkey, ogre, princess, prince, gingerbread man, 3-legged half faun half man, or any other wild creature you can imagine! This week we will creatively enter into a world of imagination and exploration!

Week 5 Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
July 21 – 27 – Color Wars Week

Color Wars is a week of fun cabins-to-cabins competition to see which color team becomes the top of top teams among the legends of Camp Carter! Prepare to get a little messy as we SLIME your Crew Leaders, don face paint and have the ultimate color-powder party at Camp.

Week 6 Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
July 28- Aug. 6- Survivor Week

For over 20 years, teams have fought to survive the wildest of competitions and challenges! From fire-building, to archery shootouts, to survival skills, teams race around camp to complete their challenges before other teams even have a chance to blink! Simply put, this week is legendary!

Two -Week Overnight for ages 7 – 15 years
July 28- Aug. 6- Survivor Week

Are you ready for TWO WEEKS of jam-packed fun during your camp stay?! We are excited to announce we will have our two-week session right in between Color Wars and Survivor weeks. Your camper will stay over on the weekend between week 5 and week 6 which will be an opportunity to experience added days to their camper experience! Campers will have the opportunity to do more camp activities over the weekend and then rejoin their cabin on Sunday for the next week of fun.

Get ready for your Best Summer Ever! Register today!

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