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YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

Nutrition Services


Our Registered Dietitian is here to help you navigate your food intake to achieve your goals. Whether you’re seeking weight loss, improved sports performance, or healthier everyday eating habits, an accredited and experienced nutrition professional can help you get there!

Meet our Registered Dietitian, Ruth

Ruth received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics at Missouri State University in Springfield Missouri. She then finished a dietetic internship through The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in Oklahoma City. To become a registered dietitian she took and passed a national board certification dietitian exam. Ruth worked as a clinical dietitian in a hospital in Joplin Missouri for 4 years before moving to her current position with the YMCA in Fort Worth, Texas. As a Licensed and Registered Dietitian in the state of Texas she is an expert in nutrition. She enjoys cooking and eating healthy nutritious food as well as helping people live and eat healthier through proper balanced nutrition.

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Now Accepting Insurance

A Registered Dietitian is the only recognized nutrition professional able to bill medical insurance for nutrition counseling. The YMCA registered dietitian can help you with any of the following:

Relationship With Food
Anti-Diet/Intuitive Eating
Eating Disorders
Binge Eating


Weight Goals
Weight Loss
Weight Gain/Muscle Gain
Long-term weight maintenance


Health Conditions
Hypertension (Blood Pressure)
Prediabetes or Diabetes
High Cholesterol/Triglycerides

Overall Health & Wellness
Healthy Habits
Lifestyle Changes
Balanced Eating

Family Nutrition
Family meal planning
Nutrition for any age
Pregnancy nutrition

Fitness Related Goals
Sports performance
Body composition
Exercise nutrition


Our YMCA is now able to accept insurance for nutrition services from the following companies:


“Always felt listened to, she constantly gave good suggestions both during the session and outside of it, had a friendly demeanor, never felt judged” – Evan

“Ruth is awesome. She is easy to talk to and has helped me so much. I have lost over 60 pounds so far!!” – Carol

“Ruth is very knowledgeable and supportive.” – Jennifer

“Working with the YMCA and Ruth changed my life. Ruth help me understand what foods to eat. How much water consumption the body needs. Working with Ruth for a year, I was able to lose 75+ pounds. She was very patient, consistent and uplifting throughout the entire process. If you want to have a lifestyle change, work with Ruth at the YMCA.” – Michael

At the YMCA, our Registered Dietitian offers the following services:

10 Minute - Free Discovery Call

Virtual Only Set up a free discovery call to find out what Nutrition Counseling is all about. This give you a chance to meet me, find out about insurance coverage, and ask any questions you have before scheduling.

Initial Assessment (1 hour)

Available for Virtual or In-person Sessions. In an initial nutrition assessment I will ask you about your health history, your motivation for seeking nutrition counseling, your health and wellness goals, as as well as your current eating and exercise habits. This will give me a foundation to build you an individualized nutrition plan so that you can be successful in making healthy behavior changes once and for all.

Follow-up Session (1 hour)

Available for Virtual or In-person. In follow up nutrition sessions we will work together to evaluate what parts of your individualized nutrition plan are working and what parts aren’t. This isn’t about blaming self-control its about finding the right tools to help you be successful. We will regularly check in on progress and make adjustments as needed to better meet your needs.

Contact Information

For more information about our nutrition services or to book an appointment, please email Ruth at [email protected]. or call 817-332-3281 ext. 2025.


Meal Planning
Family Meal Ideas
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Smart Snacking Tips

Having healthy options between meals is a great way to stay on track this summer.  Check out these nutritious snack choices:

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Learning about BMI
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Healthy Holidays
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