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YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

Board & Staff Directory

The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth serves more than 100,000 individuals each year in a variety of programs including child care, sports, fitness memberships, youth and teen programs. These programs are administered by a part-time and full-time staff of competent, trained and skilled employees.

Our Board Leaders

Chris Lokey

Chair, Board of Directors

Charlie Campbell


Julie Wilson

Vice Chair

Cindy Milrany


Our Board Members

Lillie Biggins
Sherry Breed
Brian Brisco
Tom Brockenbush
Ellen Buck
David Campbell
Danny Cox
Lindsay Daum
Robert Drummond
Vernon Evans
Mario Garza
Ryan Haggerty
Tim Hardman
Becky Haskin
Brandon Hassell
Michael Hoffer
Gary Hudson
Dewey Isom
Joseph LaMarca, Jr.
YaLonda Lockett
R.J. Pack
Buddy Puente
Lisa Rettew
Justin Rutledge
Eric Schrader
Terry Schultz
Dr. Emily Spence-Almaguer
Elliott Stephenson
Gary Tonniges, Jr.
Capt. J.T. Townsend
Dr. Darron Turner
Scott Turner
David Wilcox
Mike Wilson
Take a minute to review our staff directory:
Tony Shuman


Rich Micelli

Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Todd Baker

Senior Vice President/Chief Properties Officer

David Bornowski

Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

John-Michael Corn

Senior Vice President/Risk and HR

Teri McGuill

Senior Vice President/Chief Development Officer

Carol Roper

Executive Assistant

Claudine Myles

HR Assistant

Dana Harris

Director of Grants

Drew Howard

IT Specialist

Elva Sandoval

Member Referral Program Coodinator

Jacklinn Sotello

Director of Membership Development

Janet Victor

Accounts Payable

Jennifer Ayer

HR Associate

John Waters


Joseph Bryant

Accounting Assistant

Lauren-Ashton Moncrief

VP of Marketing & Communications

Lindsi Smith

VP of Community Wellness & Health Innovation

Matt Nelson

Development & Volunteer Associate

Megan Montgomery

Digital Communications Manager

Miguel Sanchez

Systems Administrator

Sarah Schoolfield

Marketing Specialist

Sharon Ross

Compliance and Payroll Administrator

Stephanie Mischke

I.T. Information Specialist

Tracy Schultz

Marketing Manager

Theresa Stedifor

Associate VP of Human Resource

Staff Code of Ethics

  1. Staff will not verbally, physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse a child.
  2. Staff will not be alone with children except with prior approval of senior management or in an emergency.
  3. Staff will not use profanity in the presence of children, parents, participants, or other staff.
  4. Staff will not display intimate affection towards others in the presence of children, parents or other participants.
  5. Staff will not accept gifts or money from children, parents or other participants, nor will staff give gifts or money to children, parents or other participants.
  6. Staff/volunteers will not socialize, associate, or provide services (such as babysitting, private lessons, etc.) for program participants under the age of 18 years outside of YMCA activities. There will be no exceptions unless individually approved by the President/CEO.
  7. Staff will report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child to the Child Protective Services ofThe Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and law enforcement agencies, as required by Texas State law.
  8. Staff will, at all times, portray a positive role model for children and youth by demonstrating respect, loyalty, patience, courtesy, tact, and maturity.
  9. Staff will treat all children, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or disability with respect, compassion and kindness.
  10. Staff will use only positive techniques of guidance and discipline, such as anticipation and prevention of potential problems, positive reinforcement and encouragement, and redirection.
  11. Staff will never leave a child unsupervised.
  12. Staff will appear clean, neat and appropriately dressed.
  13. Staff will not attend work with physical or psychological conditions that might adversely affect children’s health or safety.
  14. Staff will not use tobacco products during working hours in the presence of children or parents.
  15. Staff will not use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol, inhalants, or illegal drugs during working hours.