Lifeguard Certification Pathway

Leadership Pathway for Lifeguards and Beyond

Step into a crucial community role with our Lifeguard Certification program. The journey of mastering life-saving skills and understanding water safety protocols begins here. With multiple levels of certification and support, you’ll uncover a pathway designed for multiple skill levels.

Leadership Pathway

  • Junior Swim Coach
  • Junior Lifeguard
  • Lifeguard Academy
  • Certified Lifeguard

No cost for certifications if you work for the Y!

Lifeguard Certification

  • Age 16 +
  • Apply for Employment Online
  • Virtual Interview
  • Pass In-person Water Skills Test
  • Complete FREE Lifeguard Training
  • Start Guarding for the Y!

Lifeguard Academy

  • Age: 15 +
  • Non-swimmers who want to guard
  • Teaches swimming, Builds skills
  • Successful completion results in Certification
  • Employment opportunities after Certification

Junior Training

  • Junior Swim Coach
  • Junior Lifeguard
  • Age 14 & 15
  • Goal: Lifeguard employment at age 16

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The leadership pathway builds confidence and allows youth to continue to cultivate passion in aquatic programming. Offered seasonally.