Afterschool Care

Level Up Your Out-of-School Experience

Discover the extraordinary world of Y programs. Each day, youth embark on a journey of growth and enrichment. We champion academic success and personal development through STEAM activities, team sports, homework support and more!

Key Information

Ages: PK* – 6th grades
Fees Include:
all activities & field trips, snacks, program materials
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*Pre-K care is only offered at select schools

Onsite Afterschool Programs

  • Azle ISD
  • Eagle Mountain/Saginaw ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD
  • Godley ISD
  • Uplift Ascend
  • White Settlement ISD

Afterschool Pick-Up Sites

  • Transportation from select schools to McDonald YMCA

Programs Directory

Essential Components of Quality Programs


Positive Relationships

Create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where children can build positive relationships with peers and adult caregivers, promoting a sense of belonging and trust.


Family Involvement

Involve parents and caregivers in the program to strengthen the connection between home and the out-of-school program to foster consistent support.


Social Skills

Develop essential social skills such as communication, active listening, conflict resolution, and cooperation, enabling participants to navigate social situations successfully.


Character Development

Explore core values like respect, integrity, kindness, and responsibility to cultivate socially responsible individuals.


Community Engagement

Encourage participation in community service and outreach projects to promote social responsibility and a sense of civic duty.


Conflict Resolution

Equip and support children & youth with building conflict resolution skills to peacefully address disagreements and conflicts constructively.


Regular Assessments

Assess participants’ progress and the program’s outcomes in supporting youth and child development using data to adapt and improve program offerings. 

Commitment to Quality

As the learning landscape continues to evolve, the YMCA remains at the forefront of providing quality, child-centered, out-of-school programs that build up our youth for a brighter future. We are committed to serving our communities and meeting them where they are.

Financial Assistance

The Y is here for ALL. Financial assistance, including income and needs-based scholarships, are available. Our out-of-school programs also accept CCMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

All afterschool registration can be completed online here. For school holiday/break camps, registration can be completed here. All forms must be completed prior to program start dates. Having your child’s health & immunization records and preferred payment source on hand when registering.

Please read the Parent Handbook for each program you are registered. Each includes details including daily schedules, cancellation policies and change of service request guidelines.

School-age children should bring a backpack, a refillable water bottle, a change of clothes, any required program materials, and appropriate clothing for planned activities. Younger children will have a specific classroom list. Please leave all electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, e-readers, etc) at home.

Please email for additional questions, or speak to the onsite lead during pick up or drop off. Financial assistance and account questions can only be supported via email outreach. The site team does not manage payments/finances.

You can submit a cancellation request here but please note the policy details and timing for change requests and cancellation procedures.

This cannot be managed at your child’s program site.