Events & Family Nights

E.R. Van Zandt Southwest YMCA

The YMCA offers programs that help build and support strong family bonds. Health and wellness programs, child care, Adventure Guides, Family Nights and volunteer opportunities all provide a ways for families to come together through their YMCA experience. One way the YMCA is enhancing family health is through the Healthy Family Home project. Find out more about Healthy Family Home here.

Adventure Guides & Princesses

The YMCA Adventure Guides & Princesses programs are designed to assist the parent and the school-age child on a journey of discovery. While activities with the whole family are important, there is tremendous value in supporting and strengthening a one-on-one parent-child bond. The Adventure Guide Program can strengthen that bond through typical activities such as games, crafts, songs, stories, skits and outdoor pursuits, such as camping, hiking and swimming.

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News & Events

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